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Yet an other new standard item in stock.

We now offer standard Aerial Poles / Aerial Chinese poles. Our poles are Engineer Certified to and recommended to be used with up to 2 persons.

We used to manufacture them on request, but we now have a standard, tested and proved model on the market. 

16' / 5m long, in 4 sections, it can be assembled in any combination of length, from 8 to 16 foot long. At the base a platform serves as bottom weight and standing platform.

You can get your Aerial pole in 8 different colours. Just ask us about options!

We offer them with the best rubber coating you can get, vulcanised onto the metal forever. No cheap sleeves that will move over the joint or rip with time. We do quality only.

We offer 3 models:

- ADVANCED Aerial Pole, with basic joints, to be used for aerial purposes only. Can only be rubber coated

- PRO Aerial Pole :  Made with our special joints, so it can also be used as a static anchored Chinese pole. Rubber Coated or not.

- PRO Aerial Pole Chrome Finish : Can only be made with our special joints so that there are no apparent joints in the pole and nothing to catch your skin, this is a bare pole to be used for more like Aerial Pole Dance. Full 316 Stainless Steel, Mirror Polished.

Contact us for more information or so we can advise you on order! At the moment we keep only the PRO Rubber in stock. Other models manufactured on request. 

CircusConcepts is a circus equipment provider company, manufacture a wide range of quality products, all made in Canada in our own factory. We manufacture Cyr Wheel / Simple Wheels, Handstand canes and bases, Russian Swings, Juggling Cubes, Chinese poles , and stock many necessary products for the circus like PPT tape, rigging materials and more...

Last update: Dec 08, 2017

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