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In this category of articles you will find all articles related to the art of Chinese pole, or Vertical Pole. 

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More information about this safety recall. This only applies to specific models and we have most probably contacted all concerned clients. 


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New product!

We have conceived, tested and will soon lauch the production of Chinese Pole bearing kit.

This kit can be added onto poles purchased from us in the past( as long as you have a 2-1/8" Pole ) or soon you will be able to checkout with this item as a "pole head option" when purchasing chinese poles.

The kit includes a base adapter and a top adapter, both on very strong bearings that will hold the horizontal and vertical force.

A simple handle changes from 'free' to 'locked' position the pole in a small motion. You can even attach a small rope to it so it can be activated by a backstage technician.

Please contact us if...


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 Do you want the best grip on your Pole or dance pole? Do you want to use your pole with clothes?  For both chinese pole, and dance pole fitness, having a rubber covering on your pole is a must.  Here are the reasons why: #1 - It will make your pole softer, hence less bruises and pain while using it. #2 – It will greatly improve your grip, making it easier to do hard tricks and exercises #3 – No more need for sticky resin on your hands #4 – No more need to wash the pole at every use #5 – Make your pole look nice. You can have it...

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Yet an other new standard item in stock.

We now offer standard Aerial Poles / Aerial Chinese poles. Our poles are Engineer Certified to and recommended to be used with up to 2 persons.

We used to manifacture them on request, but we now have a standard, tested and proved model on the market. 

16' / 5m long, in 4 sections, it can be assembled in any combinaison of lenght, from 8 to 16 foot long. At the base a platform serves as bottom weight and standing platform.

You can get your Aerial pole in 8 different colors. Just ask us about options!

We offer them with the best rubber coating you can get, vulcanised onto the metal forever....


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