Portable Freestanding Aerial Rig

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Simply the highest, strongest and most stable Portable Aerial Rig/Structure on the market.

We are now making some tests an improvements on our model to make the assembly easier, but soon on CircusConcepts.com you will be able to purchase a real, high quality aerial rig.

Forget about shaky, non-certified rigs. This is an engineered approved rig, that can withstand 12000 Lbs of force (*varies depending on model) so that you can use it for almost ANY aerial act. Solo, duo, trio, high dynamic charge/force, you name it.

This rig can be used indoors, outdoors. All collaspsable in parts of less than 5' long, you can bring it along with you. 

The rig comes with a Trapeze Spreadbar so you can rig a trapeze on it and it looks just great. Great also of course for rope, silk, lyra or aerial ring, Aerial Pole or anything you fancy rigging on it. You can use it with a pulley system also, ideal for performances. 

Do not miss our line of Riggins accessories you might need to use for your aerial needs!

CircusConcepts.com is a producer of unique and high quality props for circus artists, all made in Canada. 

Stay tuned, or subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to have news when we put officially our rig on sale!

Last update: May 07, 2018

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