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What if you could order cyr wheel replacement parts like car parts??

Well, with CircusConcepts, it is now possible.

For all Cyr Wheel / Simple wheel and German Wheel models from November 2013, you can order spare parts for your cyr wheel or German wheel, and they will fit to your wheel!!

Normally, all cyr wheel / Simple Wheels are custom made by hand, and every section is maked so that, example, section #1 goes in section #2 -- if you don't do this, the holes will not align correctly and it will be hard or impossible to assemble.

We at CircusConcepts have gotten rid of this problematic. We have created special machinery attachments to allow us to manufacture by digital machines the joints and also the holes in the wheel's aluminium or steel tube, so that they are all identical (for any standard wheel size )

What other advantage it has, on top of joints fitting perfectly together, and never having any harder screws to screw?

It allows that you do not need to number your parts. Any part of your wheel...fits anywhere! Dimensions are always extremely precise.

Other BIG advantage - well let's say in 2 years from now, one section of your 185cm ID wheel breaks.  BEfore, you'd have to send your whole wheel back... but from now on, just just give us a call, and order just the aluminium tube for a 185cm ID wheel. The tube will arrive, and you can just replace it. It will fit perfectly replacing the old one...

Yet an other innovation from CircusConcepts, and one more reason to buy from us -- because we make great products which will last you, and we offer long lasting custommer service!!

This is effective on all wheel models from 165 to 240 CM of Diameter that will be produced from now on. 

Last update: Dec 08, 2017

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