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Best Price Guarantee Details

At CircusConcepts, we want our clients to be sure to have the best prices on what they buy. 

If you find the exact same item we sell at a cheaper price in an other store in Canada or in the USA, you can contact us and we will match the same price on your order, according to these terms and conditions.

As you probably know, we only offer products made in Canada, USA and Europe. For example, we offer carabiners from AutriAlpin which are a bit more affordable than Petzl and Rock Exotica, but still made in Austria with the same reliable methods, certifications and quality control. 

One thing that I must point out, is that we sell only quality equipment that we trust you can rely on for your safety. For sure you can find cheaper Swivels, Carabiners or Pulleys on other stores, made in Asia or by non PPT conformant producers. For this reason, we only offer products meeting the requirements for safety in Circus and Aerial arts. The price difference is not worth the risk of injury and handicaps that other unfortunate artists have suffered from bad decisions in their equipment. 

Also, not all apparatuses are created equal. You can find some aerial rings made of sheet metal which would not hold strong moves. We do not offer those. There are many design factors and qualities of certain props which are important to take into consideration. If you see two similar but not identical apparatus on our site and an other site, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will be glad to inform you what the difference is, and why one or the other is worth more.

For this reason, what we offer on our website has been sorted to offer safe equipment, but still in the affordable range.

Terms and conditions to enforce the Best price Guarantee:

  • To be eligible, you must meet all the below criteria.
  • The items must be the same (same manufacturer, model, year and SKU code if applicable) and new.
  • The price must be the advertised price or on a valid Quote by a reputed seller
  • The price must still be available and valid at the time of the Guarantee request.
  • The claim for best price guarantee adjustment has to be made before the order is placed. 
  • The claim can only be enforced during business hours and business days (we cannot review a claim on weekends)
  • Purchase must have been made on directly (not through any other portal like Amazon or such).


How to claim the best price guarantee:

  • In order to claim a Best Price Guarantee, you must conform to all the terms and conditions.
  • The client must send an email to with the list of items he wants to purchase (or a print screen of their CircusConcepts cart is great!)
  • The client must send a list of the item(s) for the Best Price Guarantee claim in the email, along with a link to the vendor with a lower price, and a screenshot displaying the item, item's price and date.
  • In case the items are on a quote from another supplier, you must send a copy of this quote and authorize us to confirm the price on the quote with the other vendor.
  • CircusConcepts reserves the right to refuse any claims that are fraudulent, for example if the supplier cannot confirm the price quoted, or for arbitrary reasons.
  • The claim must be made before the order is placed.


CircusConcepts reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms and conditions shall take effect on the date they are put on-line on the website and shall apply to any request submitted from the time they are put on-line.

  • CircusConcepts asks the Customer to read these general terms and conditions carefully before each request, as they may have been modified. 

    CircusConcepts  also reserves the right to end “Best Price Guarantee”, at any time. Requests submitted before the termination of “Best Price Guarantee” will be processed by CircusConcepts under the terms and conditions specified above.

    Version: 7th April 2020