High quality aerial fabric that can stretch on both directions that provides a great bounce for larger drops and skills. Usually used by professionals due to the extra stretch, but can also be used by beginners. This Fabric is more expensive than the normal fabric that can stretch only on one direction.

To know the length of Silk required, you need to take the expected usable length (example: 6 meters), double it and add one (1) extra meter.  Why? Because a Silk is always doubled, so that two strings are hanging from the top ring. So for 5 meters long, you would need 11 meters of silk. Always better to have a bit more than less, since the knot on top will shorten the silk about 1/2 meter so we always add an extra meter.

Reference table:

Rigging point height

Length of tissue recommended

3.6 mètres

12 pieds


4 mètres

13.1 pieds


5 mètres

16.4 pieds


6 mètres

19.7 pieds


7 mètres

23 pieds




IMPORTANT NOTE: Aerial Silks IS NOT A CERTIFIED Aerial apparatus. We offer the breaking load. Aerial Silks are commonly used, so time has proven their strength, but they do not meet our standards on load bearing. Read the Minimum Breaking Load below for more info.  Use at your own risk.

Available Colours

Price / meter



14.00$ / meter



14.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter



17.00$ / meter


·         Width: 60’’ (152 cm)

·         Made from: 70 denier interlock

·         Minimum breaking load:

o    Single Strand = 1000 LB (450 KG)

o    Double Strand = 2000 LB (900 KG)

·         Recommended working load (Including Dynamic Loading) Maximum force allowed in American standard:

o    Single (1) Strand = 125 LB

o    Double (2) Strand = 250 LB

·         Matte finish

·         Vibrant colours and fade resistant

·         Machine washable (please use front loading machine)

·         Machine Dry on Medium/Low heat

Normally, you will always do falls and locks using both strands of silk coming down from the top point. But, in some cases, you will hold on to only one. NEVER make falls and high load movements on a single strand! 

 If you are using your silk to do high impact falls, your silk should be changed if you see any defect/rupture in the material, and every year of use, or more often. The point on your silk taking the most strength is the knot on top. Undo the knot regularly and inspect it. 

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