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Aerial Hoop / Lyra kit for recreational and professional users who want to do aerial art. Steel ring with cotton rope (steel cable core) 

Our double point solid Aerial rings are IPSF certified and adhere to the IPSF apparatus norms. IPSF Certificate provided with purchase on request. 

IPSF official sizes are 90, 95 and 100 cm Outside diameter, Which represents 34" ID (for 90cm), 36"(for 95cm) and 38"(For 100cm )*

Save by taking the kit! 

Components and what they are for:

1.     Aerial Ring - Choose the size of ring you want.To choose the right size CLICK HERE

       For Single Attachment Point Aerial Rings check out this item.

2.     Connector Type: Do you prefer a Quick link or a snatch-free Shackle to connect your rope and ring?

3.     Rope - Choose the length and colour or the rope you want to have with your ring. We offer custom ropes but they have to be purchased separately.

4.     Rigging Option: If you wish to attach your ring to anything, you need a carabiner and a swivel (swivel is mandatory not to break the ropes by twisting). Add this if you don't already have one. We do not recommend the Aluminum carabiner has this does not fit well in the rope loop. 

5.     Transport Bag:  You want to protect your investment, keep that rope white and that tape on your ring clean with a transport bag (Note that for plane travel, I highly recommend you add pipe insulator on your ring due to hard handling of heavy items. The tape on your ring will stick to the lining and might break if if thrown on a conveyor belt, which happens all the time in plane travel)

6.     Webbing Anchor Loop: This 14 000 Lb Breaking Load (6300 kg) Anchor Loop is ideal to put around a structure to attach your equipment. Protect it from sharp edges with a carpet. We highly recommend consulting a professional rigger for any installation.

7.     5/8 Shackle - Recommended for direct Attachment. Use this shackle to make a safe permanent link to your webbing anchor loop. 35000 Lb Minimum Breaking Strength. Then you can attach your carabiner, swivel or anything to this shackle.  You can also link this shackle directly to some equipment (Tubular Webbing Aerial Ropes and Trapezes). We highly recommend consulting a professional rigger for any installation.

8.     1/2 Shackle - Recommended for pulley Attachment: Use this shackle to make a safe permanent link to your webbing anchor loop. 22000 Lb Minimum Breaking Strength. Then you can attach your carabiner, swivel or anything to this shackle.  This size of shackle does not allow attaching directly a trapeze or Tubular Webbing Aerial Rope, but tends to be more convenient to attach a pulley since it can pass in the pulley shackle directly. We highly recommend consulting a professional rigger for any installation.


  • Aerial Ring Made out of solid steel rod
  • Steel rod diameter: 7/8" inch OR 22 mm
  • (2) attachment points
  • Cotton braided rope with galvanized steel cable core (if selected)
  • Professional Splice
  • Quality certified components for Aerial Circus use
  • Includes PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) rated 8 mm quick link connector or special non-snatch D-Shackle for a sleeker option to connect the cable to the ring (if selected)
  • IPSF Certified 

Technical Specification (English measures): 

  • Inside diameter : 34'', 36 ‘’, 38'' 
    Outside diameter: 35.43", 37.40'', 39.37''
  • Grip size : 7/8 ‘’
  • Rope length : 31.49''
  • Rope diameter : 1 ‘’
  • System weight : 22,4 lb (can vary depending on configuration)
  • System Maximum Working Load (including dynamic charges): 1000 lb
  • System Minimum breaking strength: 7000 lb

Technical Specification (Metric measures):

  • Inside diameter : 86.4 cm, 91.4 cm, 96.5 cm
    Outside diameter: 90 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm
  • Grip size : 22 mm
  • Rope length: 80 cm
  • Rope diameter: 25,4 mm
  • System weight : 10,2 kg (can vary depending on configuration)
  • Maximum Working Load (including dynamic charges): 450 kg
  • Minimum breaking strength: 3180 kg

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IPSF Certified Aerial Ring / Double Point KIT

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