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The Teeterboard is a powerful apparatus to allow continuous jumps or very high exits, used in circus.

Our model is 10 feet (3m05) long . Wooden plank. Because of the nature of the wood, no teeterboard is like it's sibling but we have a great model. See reviews.

COLOUR: Note that the main color of the foam has changed. See extra pictures, we now use black carpeted foam. 

Korean Board is like the main picture, Spring board is like one of the secondary pictures with padding only at the ends (you see all the wood in the middle)


  • Made from a very precise wood essence for flexibility yet durability
  • Fiberglass covered end to prevent splintering and cracking.
  • Pivot on Ball Bearings
  • Totally collapsible base to save in transportation/air cargo fees
  • 1" thick mat to cover the board for security and smoothness (Korean boards. Springboard has it only on the ends).
  • Adjustable base height to adapt to any size of mats, or no mats
  • Rounded base to allow for mats to almost reach the pivot, increased stability and security
  • Optional suction cups for extra stability

You can use it as a Springboard (2 people jumping from a tower/platform, and one jumper that exits to mats) - Example here


As a Korean Teeter Board (1 person on each end, jumping continuously) - example here


Our teeterboards can actually do both without modifications, but normally for the springboard version, we only put foam on the end and one side has an angled platform.  Main image is a Korean board.

If you wish to do only Springboard, take the Springboard option. If you wish to do Korean or BOTH, then choose Korean and you can later add an angle on the flyer's end (if you feel it's necessary).


Made from the best wood and to the right specs for most acrobats between 130 and 190 lb.

We can make them soft or hard, as you prefer. We make them with a special adjustable base, and for Korean planks, a suction mechanism that keeps it from moving on the ground.


Technical specifications:


  • 18" large / 46cm large board  - That's larger than most models, which allows for some more error margin on bad jumps (even if we know you never make errors.. ;) )
  • 10 feet (3m05) long. Long enough for a good reaction time and forgiveness, yet can still be shipped in the new Air Cargo regulations.
  • Adjustable height, so you're never wrong and can always adjust to your favorite angle!
  • Adjustable height allows you to rent different size of mats on location to reduce fees when going overseas.
  • Total weight: 135 lb / 61.5 KG


  • Special hardwood essence for the board, fiberglass for the ends, steel pivot, all aluminum base.


  • 'tarp material' cover for good looks
  • Suction cups for use without mats or increased stability (works only on smooth surfaces like Marble, Marleys, Dance floors and such)

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Wooden Board for either Springboard or Teeterboard by CircusConcepts

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