Accessories / Spare Parts for Training Models

Accessories / Spare Parts for Training Models

This is the place to choose all the Hardware you need for Handstand. You can replace one are many parts and accessoiries on your Handstand kit. You can also build your own Handstand with those spare parts!

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Training Base – Training Model

Training Base – Training Model

This model is perfect to train, but good looking enough to perform with Did you know that it's easie..

75.00 $ CAD

Training Model Rectangular Handle

Training Model Rectangular Handle

This model is perfect to train, but good looking enough to perform with. Did you know that it's eas..

17.00 $ CAD

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Kevin St. Laurent 01/01/1970

Just got my roue cyr from Hugo at . Not only is it gorgeous, the craftsmanship is impeccable. The main reason I went for this one over other wheels was because it dismantles into five pieces weighing under 20kg and fits into a golf bag so it's really easy to travel with. Plus, it's a lot easier to fit into small cars. Hugo was timely and super easy to work with."..

John W. 01/01/1970

Hi Hugo, Just wanted to send you an update that I absolutely LOVE the canes! They are extremely stable and sturdy - great job on building them. I've been practicing pretty much daily and having a lot of fun with them. They are much easier to jump up onto than I was expecting, and I didn't realize how much the blocks actually assist in balancing once I'm up. Thanks again for such good work!..

Artem Konchakivskyy 01/01/2015

Hello Hugo, The Cyr Wheel is arrived and we love it from the first look! We tried only one time and it seems like a lot of fun! We performing different acts but never feel something like this before. Wheel is so cool and perfect made!!! Thank you so much for this!!! Best regards, Artem & Maria..