Training Models

Training Models
The ideal tool to learn handstands. Did you know that it's easier to hold handstands on thoses than on the ground? The principle is simple, the flexibility of the poles and attachements give you a 'wider' range of balance, so you can stay easier on your hands!

This model is perfect to train, but good looking enough to perform with. 

The higher the canes are, the easier the balance, BUT, you also have to be able to jump high enough... We recommend the 18" model for adults, and the 14" for kids. 24" is for tall persons, more advanced handstand acrobats or anybody who jumps high enough!


  • Base made of Cherry wood plywood (Russian Plywood) for straightness
  • Zinc-plated steel mounts/canes
  • 14" - 18" and 24" models / 36 - 46 and 61 cm Models
  • Always perpendicular
  • Comes pre-drilled (IKEA style) at 12.25" width. Just screw it the bolts.
  • YOU have to paint it or cover it yourself the color you want, or simply varnish it.


  • Maple Wood, Russian Plywood, Steel and  Zinc plated Steel

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TRAINING Handstand Kit

TRAINING Handstand Kit

Our Training Handstand kit is the ideal tool to learn handstands, but good looking enough to perfor..

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Michael Thomlinson 02/11/2017

Hugo, You make very beautiful equipment. I have been working in engineering and welding for 30 years and your work is top quality. ..

Nico Riviera 01/01/1970

First of all, I want to thank you for the wheel. It's exactly what I wanted, and my training greatly improved with this high quality prop!!..

Mareike Schmitt 01/01/1970

Item: ACHILLE Aluminium Freestanding Rig *a year ago I bought my tripod with you and I love it !!! We have since built up in many places, even once in a room, but mostly on the grass and in the open. Many people ask me where I have her and envy me because it comes so great build. Even changing between silks, trapeze, etc. goes so fast !! **Original( in german ) vor einem Jahr habe ich bei dir mein Tripod gekauft und ich LIEBE es!!! Wir haben es seitdem an vielen Orten aufgebaut, einmal sogar in einem Raum, meist aber auf der Wiese und im Freien. Sehr viele Leute fragen m..