Training Models

Training Models
The ideal tool to learn handstands. Did you know that it's easier to hold handstands on thoses than on the ground? The principle is simple, the flexibility of the poles and attachements give you a 'wider' range of balance, so you can stay easier on your hands!

This model is perfect to train, but good looking enough to perform with. 

The higher the canes are, the easier the balance, BUT, you also have to be able to jump high enough... We recommend the 18" model for adults, and the 14" for kids. 24" is for tall persons, more advanced handstand acrobats or anybody who jumps high enough!


  • Base made of Cherry wood plywood (Russian Plywood) for straightness
  • Zinc-plated steel mounts/canes
  • 14" - 18" and 24" models / 36 - 46 and 61 cm Models
  • Always perpendicular
  • Comes pre-drilled (IKEA style) at 12.25" width. Just screw it the bolts.
  • YOU have to paint it or cover it yourself the color you want, or simply varnish it.


  • Maple Wood, Russian Plywood, Steel and  Zinc plated Steel

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TRAINING Handstand Kit

TRAINING Handstand Kit

Our Training Handstand kit is the ideal tool to learn handstands, but good looking enough to perform..

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Training Canes

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Julie Yoga 01/01/1970

Dear Hugo and everyone . . . I'm writing to tell you how much I love my handstand canes! First, I was AMAZED at how quickly they arrived. You guys are really outstanding in the customer service department!!! And the canes themselves are so beautiful and just perfect for me. I especially love the wood on the round handles. I am having a lot of fun playing on them every day while dreaming of my future competence. Ha! So thank you all very much for the high quality craftsmanship you are contributing to the world. I'm super grateful!!! Wishing the best for you, Julie North Carolina U..

Jonathan F.V. 01/01/1970

I recently purchased PRO Handstand kit from CircusConcepts. It's an excellent piece of equipment, very well built, feels solid and looks nice. The rods are thick and solid, and the base is very stable. I feel like I could kip on it, and it wouldn't tip. Very happy of that purchase, Circus Concepts is a great place to look for circus equipment...

John W. 01/01/1970

Hi Hugo, Just wanted to send you an update that I absolutely LOVE the canes! They are extremely stable and sturdy - great job on building them. I've been practicing pretty much daily and having a lot of fun with them. They are much easier to jump up onto than I was expecting, and I didn't realize how much the blocks actually assist in balancing once I'm up. Thanks again for such good work!..