Handstand is the act of holding the body upside down balancing on the hand. The body is held straight with arms and legs fully extended. Your hands should be placed about shoulder-width apart. Upgrade your skills with our handstand apparatus. We thrive on making great quality products that are well built; our rods are thick and solid, the base very stable and the handles made of thick maple wood. Our handstand design will ease your way into your balancing mode.


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Handstand Base / Pro Model / Custom Socket Placement

Handstand Base / Pro Model / Custom Socket Placement

This is a high quality base made for semi-professional and professional Handstand Artists. This is ..

305.00 $ CAD

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Jason Waugh - Director of The Circus Lab 08/03/2019

We can’t afford to buy cheap things twice, that’s why we get our apparatus from Circus Concepts. We know that we’re going to get quality equipment that will hold up to the constant abuse that we place on the items daily. Jason Waugh - Director of The Circus Lab..

Lucas Suarez 02/03/2019

I recently got my handstand kit pro and is such an amazing piece. Really detailed, confortable and stable. If there is anything to improve I would say is quite heavy. Totally recommendable. And also good attention from the company...

Inigo Larrayoz - Spain 03/01/2010

Hello Hugo! I write you a few lines to tell you, that the wheel arrived two weeks ago and it ist in perfect condition. I´ve tested it twice und the answer was the highest. I hadn´t problems to assemble or disassemble it. I muss say, it is terribly difficult to start using it it but I suppose, I only have to spend time on it and have a lot of patience;) I want to thank you again for your attention and your treat...