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The Static Chinese poles are top quality designed to help artists reach their full potential in this common circus discipline. We have two sizes available, which are the Standard model and the Long model.

The picture of the Chinese pole above with Artist Andreas Bartl has a custom top attachment*.

If you have any questions about poles, please read our Poles FAQ Blog post by clicking here.

Features (for both models):

  • CircusConcepts' own ''Playless'' Joints, that are designed to stay strong and tight.
  • Vulcanized rubber covering for the ideal pole grip.  Rubber is cooked onto the pole. This is the best quality you can get as far as coverings go.
  • All sections are interchangeable, meaning they can be moved around.

Features (For STANDARD model):

  • Fully collapsible into 4 pieces that can be taken on the plane.
  • This model is shorter than the long model so it is stiffer. 
  • This model is recommended for solo artists, although it also works well for duos.

Features (For LONG model):

  • Fully collapsible into 5 pieces that can be taken on the plane
  • Conceived for maximum 2 users of 90 kg (200 lbs). Contact us if you require a pole with stronger specs
  • This model is for artists who want to do DUO work or have a longer pole for slides. 

Items that are included with both models:

  • Joint Protectors

  • Bottle of Joint Anti-Seize grease

  • Allen key for assembly 

  • Ready to use, you only need rigging points to attach it to (with rigging kit)

  • Instruction manual on how to rig it, prepare it and maintain it


Technical specifications (For both models):

  • Diameter of steel pole: 2-1/8'' / 5.08 cm
  • Thickness of the cover: 1/8'' / 0.317 cm
  • Total diameter of steel pole with rubber cover: 2-3/8'' / 5.71 cm

Technical specifications (For Standard Model):

  • You can use your pole at different heights 9' / 13'5'' / 18'  (2.75 m / 4.1 m / 5.5 m)
  • 4 sections
  • Total weight of Pole only: 85 lbs. / 38.5 kg
  • You can also buy additional sections to make a longer pole, please contact us for this.

Technical specifications (For Long Model):

  • You can use your pole at different heights: 7'8'' / 11'8'' / 15'8'' / 19'6''  (2.37 m / 3.6 m / 4.82 m / 5.97 m)
  • 5 sections
  • Total weight of Pole only: 95 lbs. / 43.1 kg

  • You can also buy additional sections to make a longer pole, please contact us for this.

Pole Tension Adapter Kit:

If you wish to rig your pole to the ceiling you must bolt the bottom of your pole to the ground. To do this, add the Bottom Pole Tension Adapter in the Pole head options. We recommend owning this for special rigging in some venues.

If you want to attach the top of your pole onto a beam or tube on the ceiling, instead of using cables, you can use a standard cheeseborough clamp, if you can find one that fits both the pole size and your beam.


Pole Head / base Options:

  • Standard Slotted Head
    • Removable standard top plate, 7" / 18 cm diameter with 6 slotted holes - see pictures
  • Luxury Round Tube Top
    • Very big Head (Note: It will increase the travelling weight of your pole!) of 18" (45 cm) diameter with a round tube. 4 Attachment holes under the tube. You can also rig it to as many points as you want using choked straps on the tube. Including a removable center plate for standing on it or other tricks. See Picture and info here
  •  Bearing Attachment 
    • Bearing attachment kit allows you to use the pole fixed or turning! More info here
  • Aerial Pole Adapter MT60
    • You can add this to the head of your pole for an Eye bolt (or remove the head completely and replace it with this) allowing you to use your pole as an aerial pole. see Here
  • Aerial pole Adapter MT61
    • The difference between the MT60 and MT61 is that the MT61 is designed to be used at all angles (for example: the bottom of the pole touching the ground and at an angle) while the MT60 should only be used vertically. More info HERE
  • Rounded bottom adapter
    •  Rounded bottom adapter for the bottom of your pole so that you can use it as a mix with an aerial Pole

 Rigging Accessories:


  • Steel pole
  • Neoprene Rubber Covering
  • Wooden 'Anti-Walking' platform.

Any other questions?

Contact us, we'll gladly help you!

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Chinese Pole/ Static Anchored/ PRO

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