The SwivaBiner combines a swivel and two carabiners and excels at orienting gear and lines to the proper position.  The swivaBiner is an excellent connector for attaching pulleys, belay devices, and other equipment to rigging plates.  With the swivaBiner, each device and line can be oriented to position the controls of the device in-line with the operator, as shown in the images of the swivaBiner in use.


  • Allows free orientation of load
  • Helps prevent line twist
  • features high- strength bushing
  • not for high-speed rotation
  • machined from solid material to optimize strength and weight savings

Technical specifications ( Imperial ): 

  • Weight : 5.9 oz 
  • Gate opening: .84”

Technical specifications( Metric ):

  • Weight : 166 gm
  • Gate opening: 21 mm

Breaking Strength: 

  • Major axis: 30 kN
  • Minor axis: 7kN
  • Open gate: 12kN
  •  Certification: CE


The frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined out of a solid block of aluminum to allow for the complex shape required to attach a swivel at the bottom end.  Each frame is milled along the side to remove excess material and weight

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Carabiner - SwivaBiner C81-A by Rock Exotica in Carabiners by CircusConcepts

  • 166.29 $ CAD

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