Pole Head

This pole head adapter is Eyebolt Adapter made to put on top of your pole so that you can use it as an aerial Pole. This adapter can be put alone on top of the pole, but also in COMBINATION with the MT03 Standard Pole head, so you can do part of the act rigged, and part of the act as aerial. This head can be separated from the pole for easy transportation.

Note: this is only the adapter; the Chinese pole shown in the picture is not included.

Technical specifications

General informations

  • Can be easily put and removed from pole. 
  • Colours : Black and Silver
  • Material : Steel and Zinc Plated Steel



  • Outside Dimensions :  6-7/8 long x 1-3/4 Diameter
  • Weight :  2.6 lb


  • Outside Dimensions :  18 cm long x  4.5 cm Diameter
  • Weight =  1.2 kg

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PRO Static Pole - Aerial Pole Adapter

  • 129.00 $ CAD

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