A word from the President

     Hello fellow artists, friends and members of our great family, the Circus World !
We are of all countries, ethnics, age gender and beliefs, but we all share something in common: The circus is our passion !

When you buy an apparatus from us, you contribute to a growing community. Why?  
    CircusConcepts is more then just a company.  CircusConcepts is a vision by Hugo Noel, a part of the bigger picture.

Before I go further, in light of the latest word development( as of May 2020 ), the change in the industry and the COVID issue, we realise now how important a company like us is. There is a few other companies producing circus props which appreared on the market lately. This has made business for us a bit more difficult, but still we believe our mission stands out even more, as we produce quality and reliability.
In the COVID times, we have suddently noticed a lot of companies which could not offer their products anymore, Out of Stock for undefinite time.. for products that are supposedly made in America. This comes to show that these statements where often untrue. One thing that always showed it too was the price of those items. As a manufacturer, we can easy see what is not made here. When props are sold for the price you pay on ly the material for it here, without workmanship, it is obvious to us.  Metals made in asia are well known to have much lower quality and often critical defects in them. We would not recommend them to anybody. The sailing and parachuting industry had very large recalls and constant problem with lower quality steel for their products in the last years, and this also affected the circus industry with the chinese fake Crosby Shackles. 

With this new market, we are now not the cheapest anymore even tough we produce in series, but the difference in price is what you pay for you safety and well beeing. On top, we instigated our Best Price Guarantee as for anything we sell, we want you to have the best price for the safest props.

 With every prop you buy, you contribute in helping us help others. How
    CirusConcepts / Hugo Noel has a mission. CircusConcepts is Hugo Noel's vision on how to make better, safer, long lasting and apparatuses for artists by improving every production from your feedback. We LOVE to hear from you, the good and the bad, so we can improve!


 How you contribute: 

    If you are reading this you are making the first step.
    If you've even bought something from us, or discussed with one of us about the challenges of your disciplines, you've already contributed. 

    We used to have a community website (Cirkipedia.org) but unfortunately, due to Spamming problems we have resigned this project.

How we can do it better : 

    Does better and cheaper seem like a utopia to you? Well it is, but, the idea behind all this is that if we centralize the building of apparatuses, we can improve them. Why? 
    Unlike a small local builder we make many of the same apparatuses at a time. Every time we make one more, we learn from the last one. For every year we are in business, we learn from our customers experience with our equipment. This way we stop the current situation of people copying what they have seen, thus copying mistakes or creating new ones, a situation that is too frequent and that keeps progress at bay.  Also the more apparatuses we build, the cheaper it becomes. If it does not become cheaper, it's because it becomes better.  We are not a chain like Wall-Mart, we don't go for the lowest price. We are CircusConcepts, and we go for long lasting quality, being what we believe is the base of sustainable development and of responsible resource management. 


Our Mission: 

    To create accessible and great quality products while making circus a social enhancement.  Unlike other forms of arts, circus does not require any specific skills.  Over the years, circus has evolved from being a place to witness the unusual, to a society.  Why?
     Because every one of us is unique and in the circus, any talent is accepted. There are no limits, no rules, and no boundaries. That's why I love Circus, because that's how I fell into circus. 

    I'm from a small village with very little resources, at first I found it pretty difficult to find information about Circus equipment. I wish a company like mine had existed then. A company who can ship anything you need from the circus even to remote areas like Tanzania.


Being the person that I am, I created CircusConcepts to meet the needs of the Artists and the Circus World.


''My passion is the Circus, and I believe in my passion. My dream is to give a chance to everyone to live their passion as well as make it easier for everyone to do so. '' 


If you have a special need, an idea or want to share an experience and help better our world: 
contact us ! 

Best regards, 

Hugo Noel
Creator & President of CircusConcepts