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Model: C2 A-B
Quantity: 76
Availability: 76
Manufacturer: Rock Exotica
32.23 $ CAD
Model: SS1
Quantity: 54
Availability: 54
Manufacturer: Rock Exotica
124.54 $ CAD

Optional Rigging Attachment - Aluminium Auto-lock Carabiner and Swivel Schakle.

Most compact and efficient way to connect your props to an anchor or rope/wire.

Kit includes:

  • SS1 Swivel Schakles from Rock Exotica
  • C2 A-B Aluminium Auto-Lock Carabiner from Rock Extotica

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Shakle Swivel and Aluminium Auto-lock Carabiner by Rock Exotica

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Tags: shakle, swivel, and, aluminium, auto-lock, carabiner, rigging, rock, exotica

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