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Here is one suggested way to determine the best size of ring to use:Click Here

Options Solid VS LIGHT

  • SOLID - Solid steel ring for recreational and professional users
  • LIGHT - This is a lighter version of the Aerial Rings / Aerial Lyra.  Some artists prefer lighter rings.This item is NOT recommended for Dynamic Duos as it has a smaller working load (650 Lb for both artist plus dynamic loading).

Solid Features: 

  • Steel rode diameter: 7/8" inch OR 22 mm 
  • Tabless (0) Attachment Point 
  • Single Point (1) Attachment point
  • Double Point (2) Attachment Points

  • Solid steel ring

Solid Technical Specification

  • Inside diameter : Custom

  • Grip size : 7/8 inch OR 22 mm

  • Weight : 20,6 lb OR 9.3 KG

  • Breaking Load : 7000 lbs
  • Maximum working Load : 1000 lbs
  • Recommended user weight : 250 lbs

    Solid - Finish:

    • Black Powder coated paint

    • Black Powder coated paint

    LIGHT Features: 

    • Hollow Steel rode diameter: 1 1/16" inch OR 27 mm

    • Tabless- (0) Attachment Point
    • Single Point (1) Attachment Point
    • Double Point (2) Attachment Point
    • Ring internal diameter: Custom  

    LIGHT - Technical Specification:

    ·         Working Load A: 650 LB OR 295 KG

    ·         Breaking Load A: 3300 LB OR 1500 KG

    LIGHT - Finish:

    • Black Powder coated paint

    • Silver Powder coated paint 

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Aerial Ring / Lyra / Custom (RING ONLY) by Circus Concepts

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