This item has been created as an option for the HOME quadripod freestanding rig, to adjust the apparatus' height.

This rope has a diameter of 7/16 inch and is 14 feet long. It is used for medium load requirements. This model of rope is a bit expensive but it is approved for Human Rigging / Weight. Your safety is really important so we produce this rope with the highest standards and quality control. It is manufactured with a spun polyester cover over a braided polyester filament core. This product is very soft to touch and excellent for general usage.



  • Extremely soft
  • length of 14 feet

  • Good strength

  • Low stretch

  • Black color for stage camouflage


  • Always consult a professional rigger for your rigging systems.

  • Ropes deteriorate with time and use, and it is not always possible to detect issues visually. We highly recommend establishing regular inspection and replacement plans for any rigging item

  • Knots will reduce the strength of your ropes

  • Different slicing techniques will reduce the capacity of  the rope

  • Always inspect ropes for kinks or core damage before every use

  • Do not step on the rope

  • Always store in dry, safe and regular humidity conditions

  • Always consider a design factor/working load for your system. The maximum load of the rope for human rigging should never exceed the 25% (European Standard) or 20% (American Standard) of the rope's minimum breaking load

  • Always take in consideration dynamic loads for human rigging (acceleration and deceleration will multiply the load applied to the rigging)

 Technical Specifications (IMPERIAL)

  • Diameter: 7/16 inch

  • Color: Black
  • Length: 14 feet
  • 6600 lb Minimum Breaking load (Based on core dependent splice)

Technical Specifications (METRIC)

  • Diameter: 11.10 mm 
  • length: 4.27 meters
  • Color: Black

  • 2994 kg  Minimum Breaking load (Based on core dependent splice)


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14 feet of Black 7/16'' (11 mm) Double Braid Polyester Rope

  • 22.14 $ CAD

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